This is the online portfolio of Astrid Muijderman

Student at the Aki Art & Design School Enschede Artez

The Kermis (Carnival) is a magical place. A place to stay fovever young. A place where time doesn't seem to exist.
Photo's taken with an Minolta XG1. Colour film 200 iso. October 2015
De beste Stuurlui
This photo series is taken at the football match Fc Twente - Southhampton. I was captured by the people around me. The kids that know every players name. Their dads who think that every thing the referee does is a dumb move and their grandparents just enjoy the game and a nice cold beer. A football match is a place where all kinds of people come together. They sing, they drink and scream and I love to stand in-between them. 
Photo's taken with Minolta srT 101. Black and White film 400 iso. July 2016

The Faces Project

With this project I try to capture raw emotions. I asked people to tell me a story, any story. I filmed them and show the video 3 times, one the full face framed video, once only the eyes and once only the mouth. You can see that a face can show a lot without words or sound. There is no sound with the work, that is something I purposely choose for. To me the peoples emotions are a lot stronger when you see and not hear them.

he video wall exists out of 12 televisions stacked 4 x 3

October 2015


Filmed with a Lomokino, black and white film.

December 2015

experimental video of the effect of ink and water.

The video is presented using a beamer. Size may vary. 

March 2016

Adventures with Oma is an ongoing series of my Oma (grandmother). The photo's underneath are taken on a trip I took with my Oma trough her hometown Berkel. I've never been there so I decided to go there with her and capture this moment.
Photo's taken with Minolta srT 101. Black and White film 100 iso. August 2016

What is a human? Experimental video about the human body.

September 2016

It’s a scary thing asking a stranger to take their photograph. But I did it anyway. Mostly because I didn’t want to let that hold me back. But also because I love to take these portraits.
This photo serie is inspired by two photo’s I took while I was traveling in Norway. You can find these photo’s underneath.

Are we still strangers? 2016”

Photo’s taken with a Minolta XG1. Black and White film 400 iso. February 2016